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Long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) within mRNA sequences of Alzheimer's disease genes, namely, APP, APOE, PSEN1, and PSEN2, has been analyzed using fractal dimension (FD) computation and correlation analysis. We examined lncRNA by comparing mRNA FD to corresponding coding DNA sequences (CDSs) FD. APP, APOE, and PSEN1 CDSs select slightly higher FDs compared to the(More)
The CYP2E1 CpG methylation sites in the first intron (site +626 to +742 from the starting ATG) as reported in a 2015 epigenetics psychiatry study were analyzed from a bioinformatics perspective. The studied sequences for human, monkey, dog and cow showed a high correlation (R-sq > 0.99) between CpG content and mononucleotide entropy. A(More)
DNA informatics represented by Shannon entropy and fractal dimension have been used to form 2D maps of related genes in various mammals. The distance between points on these maps for corresponding mRNA sequences in different species is used to study evolution. By quantifying the similarity of genes between species, this distance might be indicated when(More)
The iron environment in Fe-doped Vycor Anode was investigated with EXAFS using Brookhaven Synchrotron Light Source. The iron-reducing Shewanella oneidensis culture was grown in a microbial fuel cell under anaerobic respiration. The Fe bond length was found to decrease and correlate with the amount of biofilm growth on the Fe-doped Vycor Anode. The data(More)
The presence of correlated randomness in EEG time series signal buried in random noise was analyzed with the Higuchi fractal algorithm. The signal recognition algorithm design was built on the fact that the theoretical fractal dimension value of 2 is an indicator for a white noise time series and correlated randomness would alter the fractal dimension value(More)
The arsenic and iron environments in different growth stages have been studied with EXAFS and XANES using Brookhaven Synchrotron Light Source. Collard Greens plants were grown and tissue samples were harvested. The project studied the EXAFS and XANES of tissue samples using As and Fe K-edges. The Fe absorption and the Fourier transform bond length(More)
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