S. De Ranieri

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Studies performed in Italy for assessing the effects of fishing activities have been largely confined to the Adriatic Sea. They mostly investigated effects of experimentally induced impacts. The objective of this study was to compare a commercial fishing ground with an area in which no fishing was conducted. The two areas were less than 2 km apart and close(More)
This study was aimed at the acquisition of basic life-history information on Raja asterias through an objective approach in the assignment of maturity stage, using both histological techniques and a multivariate analysis aimed at macroscopic evaluations of the reproductive system. The samples examined were collected from landings of commercial trawl vessels(More)
Catch composition and damage incurred to the populations of three crabs (Liocarcinus depurator, Medorippe lanata and Goneplax rhomboides), discarded by the “rapido” trawl fishery of Viareggio (eastern Ligurian Sea), was investigated. Data were collected on a monthly basis (January–December 2001) through embarks on board of a commercial fishing vessel, so as(More)
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