S Davies-Osterkamp

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25 neurotic patients, 25 alcoholics, and 25 patients suffering from Crohn's disease were rated with a german adaption (by Streeck) of Bellak's Ego Function Assessment scales. Crohn's disease patients showed personality characteristics similar to those of patients suffering from psychosomatic illnesses. Ego function disturbances could be found with respect(More)
Depth psychology based and psychoanalytic-interactional group therapy were compared with respect to their therapeutic factors. The comparison was performed in patient groups by using a questionnaire asking for the occurrence and helpfulness of specific behaviour of the therapist and of experiences in the group. About 200 questionnaires for each method were(More)
From October 1979 to April 1982 forty two women with previous tubal ligations presented themselves at the Centre for Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Giessen with a high desire of restoration of their fertility. With questionaires and partly structured interviews these women were evaluated at the Centre for Psychosomatic Medicine in Giessen. The results(More)
Alcoholics who have taken the decision to abstain are known to develop, partially out of fear of a relapse, an almost phobic avoidance behaviour towards situations where alcoholic drinks may be proffered. Starting from this observation a four-hour behavioural programme, involving modeling and the discussion of appropriate behaviour, was developed to prepare(More)
All empirical studies (n = 113) published in "Psychotherapie, Psychosomatik, medizinische Psychologie" between 1988 and 1992 where analyzed concerning the question whether sex comparisons in at least one of the dependent variables were reported. The main results were that sex composition of the samples was not reported in 17% of the cases and that 62% of(More)
The present survey of empirical studies of female alcholism considers firstly questions concerning the prevalence of female alcoholism. Empirical findings on the psychopathology, the development and course of female alcoholism, partner relationships and problems in female identification of these patients are described and discussed with regard to their(More)
This study reports some results on the postoperative psychological and medical condition of 72 open-heart surgery patients. Special emphasis is placed on the relationship between the postoperative reactions and the preoperative psychological condition of the patients as assessed by an interview. Patients whose postoperative reactions was of a psychotic(More)
This study investigated rater-agreement and the factorial structure of the Rating-Scales for the assessment of object-relations and ego-functions developed by Bellak and coworkers. A subset of the original scales with the modifications and translations performed by Streeck was used, altogether 19 scales consisting of sub-components of seven functions. These(More)
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