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C17orf37/MGC14832, a novel gene located on human chromosome 17q12 in the ERBB2 amplicon, is abundantly expressed in breast cancer. C17orf37 expression has been reported to positively correlate with grade and stage of cancer progression; however the functional significance of C17orf37 overexpression in cancer biology is not known. Here, we show that C17orf37(More)
The intracellular trafficking of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I and class II molecules has evolved to support their function in peptide antigen presentation optimally. We have analyzed the intracellular trafficking of newly synthesized human CD1b, a lipid antigen-presenting molecule, to understand how this relates to its antigen-presenting(More)
A point mutation at nucleotide 5233 of the polyomavirus (A2 strain) enables it to overcome growth restriction in undifferentiated embryonal carcinoma cells. We analysed the binding of nuclear proteins from F9 cells to a 38 bp region that spans this site of mutation and encompasses two copies of the bovine papillomavirus core sequence, CCACCC, and(More)
β-Dystrobrevin, a dystrophin-related protein that is expressed in non-muscle tissues, is highly homologous to α-dystrobrevin, a member of the dystrophin-associated protein complex (DPC). β-Dystrobrevin associates with Dp71 and syntrophin and is believed to have a role in non-muscle DPCs. Here we report the characterization and mapping of the mouse(More)
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