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Offshore wind turbines are considered as an important element of the future energy infrastructure. There is currently a surge in the construction of such facilities in Europe, yet there is no track record of long-term performance of these structures. Offshore wind turbines are dynamically sensitive structures because of the very nature of the structural(More)
 Choosing appropriate foundations for supporting offshore wind turbines is one of the uncertainties in the future rounds of offshore wind power development. Offshore wind turbines are dynamically sensitive structures as the global natural frequency of the whole system is very close to the forcing frequencies (due to the environmental loads and the(More)
HIV infection is one of the major health problems in today's world, especially in a developing country like India. The impact of HIV on the pediatric population is no less dreadful. Pediatric HIV is a subset of HIV which requires special attention. Efficient information management is one of the key issues in pediatric HIV treatment. Electronic Health Record(More)
The screening of catalysts, substrates or conditions in the early stages of bioprocess development requires an enormous number of experiments and is a tedious, expensive and time-consuming task. Currently available screening systems can only be operated in batch or fed-batch mode, which can lead to severe misinterpretations of screening results. For(More)
This paper presents 53 well-documented cases of the short-term set-up of open-ended steel pipe piles driven at two fields in the North Sea. Increases in soil resistance during driving (set-up) were observed when pile driving was re-started after delays typically ranging between 24 h and 100 h. The soil encountered at the sites consisted of overconsolidated(More)
The use of membrane reactors for enzymatic and co-factor regenerating reactions offers versatile advantages such as higher conversion rates and space-time-yields and is therefore often applied in industry. However, currently available screening and kinetics characterization systems are based on batch and fed-batch operated reactors and were developed for(More)
This study aims to test the hypothesis that whether caretakers are able to perceive the basic needs of neonates solely based on cry. A database of 315 neonatal cries was built and systematically labeled in postnatal nursery at a government run tertiary hospital at Kolkata. All the cries were labeled as hunger, pain, wet diaper and others constituting 4(More)
In recent years, handheld devices have shown great impact in improving the quality of care by offering anytime, anywhere access to clinical information and at the same time by providing data capture facility in limited infrastructure. To see such potential of handheld devices in healthcare, an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system with mobile interface has(More)
The collapse of the Showa Bridge during the 1964 Niigata earthquake features in many publications as an iconic example of the detrimental effects of liquefaction. It was generally believed that lateral spreading was the cause of failure of the bridge. This hypothesis is based on the reliable eye witness that the bridge failed 1 to 2 minutes after the(More)