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Numbers of white blood cells in different classes help doctors to diagnose patients. A technique for automating the differential count of white blood cell is presented. The proposed system takes an input, color image of stained peripheral blood smears. The process in general involves segmentation, feature extraction and classification. In this paper,(More)
The infant incubator is an essential medical device for a new born whose weight is lower than a standard level or early birth. In general, many parameters such as air temperature, air circulation, humidity, oxygenation, noise level and sterilization must be controlled strictly all over an operation range. In this paper, we presented an analysis of heat(More)
We develop a multi-channel electromyogram acquisition system using PSOC microcontroller to acquire multichannel EMG signals. An array of 4 times 4 surface electrodes is used to record the EMG signal. B-spline interpolation technique has been utilized to map the EMG signal on the muscle surface. The topological mapping of the EMG is then analyzed to classify(More)
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