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The gamma subunit was initially identified as an auxiliary subunit of the skeletal muscle calcium channel complex. Evidence for the existence of further gamma subunits arose following the characterization of a genetic defect that induces epileptic seizures in stargazer mice. We present here the first account of a family of at least five putative gamma(More)
The auxiliary calcium channel alpha2delta subunit comprises a family of three genes, alpha2delta-1 to 3, which are expressed in a tissue-specific manner. alpha2delta-2 mRNA is found in the heart, skeletal muscle, brain, kidney, liver and pancreas. We report here for the first time the identification and functional characterization of alpha2delta-2 splice(More)
Facilitation of calcium current by depolarizing prepulses has been observed in many cells including cardiac muscle. The mechanism underlying prepulse facilitation is controversial with respect to the requirements of channel subunits and cAMP kinase. We found that coexpression of the cardiac alpha1C-a subunit with the cardiac beta2a subunit significantly(More)
A positive selection technique was used to identify novel auxiliary calcium channel subunits that are similar to the skeletal muscle gamma subunit. A new rat gamma subunit cDNA was found, which was highly expressed in skeletal muscle tissue and was detected by RT-PCR in cardiac tissue. The 223-amino-acid-protein shares 84% and 79% identity, respectively,(More)
Pre-clinical diabetic peripheral neuropathy models mimicking the human condition are essential to elucidate the underlying mechanisms. Type 2 diabetic patients coping with peripheral neuropathy experience chronic pain. Spinal genes monitoring is thus required to clarify diabetic peripheral neuropathy mechanisms and refine treatments. Thus, in this study, we(More)
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