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The morphological structures of the advanced third-stage larvae of Gnathostoma spinigerum are reported by using the scanning electron microscope. On the head-bulb, the larva bears two lateral lips, two labial papillae on each lip with an amphid between them. The head-bulb bears four transverse row of well-developed single-pointed hooklets. The number of the(More)
  • S Daengsvang
  • 1981
Five species of Gnathostoma are at present reported from Southeast Asia with specific diagnostic characteristic of each. Also important references relating to the specific characters of the species concerned were mentioned, and the known experimental life cycles of three species namely G. spinigerum, G. hispidum, and G. doloresi found in the region were(More)
A total of 23 gnathostome specimens different stages from the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, other general hospitals and medical clinics in Bangkok metropolitan area and central Thailand were identified as G. spinigerum. The various stages were as follows: Five advanced third-stage larvae (22.0%) of various sizes; 2.20-3.50 mm X 0.40-0.63 mm were removed(More)