S. D. Sawarkar

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A new steganography approach where binary representation of the hidden data is used to overwrite the LSB of each byte within the encrypted image randomly is proposed. Experimental results show that since the correlation and entropy have not changed, the method offers a good concealment for data in the encrypted image, and reduces the chance of the encrypted(More)
An artificial neural network (ANN) is an information-processing paradigm inspired by the way the densely interconnected, parallel structure of the mammalian brain processes information. The key element of the ANN paradigm is the novel structure of the information processing system. Learning in ANN typically occurs by example through training, or exposure to(More)
The proposed system showed high hiding rates with reasonable imperceptibility compared to other steganographic systems, DCT and better audio quality. The results shown gives detail comparison between DWT and DCT. In this paper a novel method for digital audio Steganography with security i. e. cryptography is presented where covert data is embedded into the(More)
Emerging multimedia applications demands content-based video processing. Video has to be segmented into objects for content-based processing. A number of video object segmentation algorithms have been proposed such as semiautomatic and automatic. Semiautomatic methods adds burden to users and also not suitable for some applications. Automatic segmentation(More)
In a Bluetooth network, transmission rate is unpredictable due to interferences by other wireless devices or general Bluetooth channel noises and presents long delay and excessive data loss, due to variations in bit rate. It is therefore almost impossible to transmit MPEG VBR video over a Bluetooth channel, without data loss, excessive time delay or image(More)
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