S. D. Panjaitan

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Lighting generally consumed 25%-50% of total electricity consumption in a building. Nowadays, the building lighting source is dominated by the use of fluorescent lamps. The previous technical papers by other researchers had focused on power density control of incandescent lamps, which is now rarely used, unconsidered national standard as control reference(More)
This paper describes a study that gives a consideration to change fuel source for electriccity generator from gasoline to combustible gas. A gaseous fuel conversion technology is presented and its performance is compared with gasoline. In the experiment, two types of load were tested, resistive and resistive-inductive. By using both fuels mostly the power(More)
This paper discusses the performance of gasoline generator set (genset) by using gasoline, LPG, and biogas as the fuel. Combustion engine of the gasoline genset was modified in order to be able to operate using LPG and biogas fuels. A 850 W, 220 V, 50 Hz, single phase generator drive engine has been used in the experiment using 100-W and 200-W bulbs as the(More)
Several Operation Modes (OMs) guidelines and the related design are currently proposed by academicians and related organizations in informal way. However, the informal design has no verification method to analyze the design. This paper proposes a formal OMs-based design for automation systems by providing the template design modeled by using Colored Petri(More)
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