S. D. Naghib

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BACKGROUND The mortality for children with prolonged stay in pediatric intensive care units (PICU) is much higher than overall mortality. The incidence of withdrawal or limitation of therapy in this group is unknown. PURPOSE To assess mortality and characteristics of children admitted for >or=28 days to our ICU, and to describe the extent to which(More)
Graphene is considered as an excellent biosensing material due to its outstanding and unique electronic properties such as providing large area detection, ultra-high mobility and ambipolar field-effect characteristic. In this paper, general conductance model of DNA sensor-based graphene is obtained, and the electrical performance of nanostructured(More)
OBJECTIVE We reviewed our decisions about continuation/withdrawal of life-sustaining treatments in a group of critically ill newborns who were discussed in structured medical ethical decision-making meetings, and provide the surviving children's outcomes at 2-year follow-up. STUDY DESIGN In an explorative observational study, 61 cases were evaluated. The(More)
A 1.5-year-old boy presented with progressive ataxia and meningeal irritation after a period of general malaise and fever. He was eventually admitted to a paediatric intensive care unit for respiratory insufficiency. A diagnosis of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) with pontine involvement was made. The patient was mechanically ventilated and(More)
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