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Allogeneic blood serum from a rat undergoing unilateral pneumonectomy during pregnancy was shown to stimulate growth of a primary monolayer culture of embryonic Wistar rat lung, directed chiefly toward fibroblasts. This effect was manifested most clearly on the 3rd day of culture.
The primary embryonic rat culture technique has shown that the allogeneic serum of females is capable of changing the intensity of in vitro proliferation of fibroblasts and epithelial cells during days 9--18 of pregnancy. This fact should be taken into consideration in experiments with the use of pregnant animals' serum.
Allogenous blood serum of rats subjected to unilateral pulmonectomy during pregnancy produced a growth-stimulating action directed chiefly to fibroblasts in the primary monolayer culture of the embryonic lung of Wistar rats. This effect was most pronounced on the 3rd day of cultivation.
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