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Immunization of new-born mice during the first three days after birth enhances immunity in adult life, and it remains high throughout the entire life course. The antitumor resistance is raised so high in order to produce cancerogenesis blockade caused by 20-methylcholanthrene injection to adult animals even one year after vaccination. The dynamics of growth(More)
Cells of ascitic forms of Ehrlich's carcinoma and sarcoma 37 transplanted into C57BI/6 mice were used to study the influence of glucose, succinate, and pH of the medium on the cytotoxic activity of the preparation Ukrain. Viability of cells was estimated by the method of intravital staining with tripan blue after the incubation of cell suspension in the(More)
Immunization of adult animals with the Ehrlich ascytic cancer cells homogenate three months prior to an experiment, did not affect either tumor transplantation or the progress of cancerogenesis induced by injection of 20-methylcholanthrene oil solution into the femoral muscle. All consequences of adult animal vaccination disappeared in 30-40 days following(More)
Comparison of the morphometric patterns obtained by electron microscopy with data from the biochemical analysis of metabolism in Ehrlich ascites tumour cells and P-388 leukemia cells, in each phase of the cell cycle, shows a distinct correlation between structure and function which is demonstrated by the fact that stage duration in the structure changes(More)
Data are presented on Ehrlich ascitic tumor cells energetic metabolism, activities of the glycolytic enzymes and the pentose phosphate pathway enzymes, contents and synthesis rates of the macromolecules at various cell cycle stages. An attempt was made to correct the direct measurement by taking into consideration a systematic error introduced in the(More)
The activation of Na+ transport is due to the exchange of protons formed via glucose conversion into lactate for Na+, i.e., to the stimulation of the Na+/H+-antiport. Experimental results and theoretical calculations suggest that in glucose-containing medium the Na+ transport increases from 0.75 to 1.78 pmol/hour per cell. The permeability of plasma(More)
Protein with molecular weight 9000 (protein-9) was found in nuclei of resting cells of NK/Ly lymphoma and Guerin carcinoma by electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel. Method of preparative isolation P-9 concluding in fractionation of nuclei from phenol extract by acetone at different pH and following electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel was made.(More)
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