S. D. Kaushik

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Efficient generation of communication sets and local index sets is important for evaluation of array expressions in scientific languages such as Fortran-90 and High Performance Fortran implemented on distributed-memory machines. We show that for arrays affinely aligned with templates that are distributed on multiple processors with a block-cyclic(More)
Array redistribution is used in languages such as High Performance Fortran to allow programmers to dynamically change the distribution of arrays across processors. Distributed-memory implementations of several scientific applications require array redistribution. In this paper, efficient methods for performing array redistribution are presented. Precise(More)
Array statements are often used to express data-parallelism in scientiic languages such as Fortran 90 and High Performance Fortran. In compiling array statements for a distributed-memory machine, eecient generation of communication sets and local index sets is important. We show that for arrays distributed block-cyclically on multiple processors, the local(More)
We address the development of efficient methods for performing data redistribution of arrays on distributed-memory machines. Data redistribution is important for the distributed-memory implementation of data parallel languages such as High Performance Fortran. An algebraic representation of regular data distributions is used to develop an analytical model(More)
We p~esent transposition a~gorithms fo?’ matrices that do not fit in main memory. Transposition is interpreted m a permutation of the vector obtained by mapping a matriz to linear memoTy. A lgopithms am derived j%om factorization of this perm~tation, using a class of permutations related to the tensor prodwt. Using this formulation of transposition, we(More)
There is an increased risk of rupture with attempting a distal anastomosis when the distal aortic arch exceeds 5 to 6 cm. To circumvent this problem, we describe performing the anastomosis between the left common carotid and the left subclavian arteries and, at the second-stage operation, interposing a tube graft between the left subclavian artery and the(More)
EXTENT is an EXpert system for TENsor product formula Translation. In this paper we present a programming environment for automatic generation of parallel/vector programs from tensor product formulas. A tensor (Kronecker) product based programming methodology is used for designing high performance programs on various architectures. In this programming(More)
We use an algebraic theory based on tensor products to model multistage interconnec-tion networks. This algebraic theory has been used for designing and implementing block recursive numerical algorithms on shared-memory vector multiprocessors. In this paper, we focus on the modeling of multistage interconnection networks. The tensor product representations(More)