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A SPICE lumped circuit subcell model is formulated within the discontinuous Galerkin finite-element time-domain (DGFETD) discretization of Maxwell's equations. A fourth-order exponential time difference (ETD) algorithm is used for circuits that lead to stiff systems. The ETD method reduces to a standard fourth-order Runge-Kutta (RK4) time-integration for(More)
Sparse solution of an integral equation formulation of scattering from open PEC targets, " Microw.ization of the impedance matrix in a localizing basis, " J. Electromagn. " Modular fast direct electromagnetic analysis using local-global solution modes, " IEEE Trans. direct solution of the electric field integral equation using non-overlapped localizing(More)
An efficient means of evaluating reactions arising from the mixed-potential integral equation for layered media for quasi-3D microwave circuits is presented. Analytical formulations for the z-integration in the spectral domain are derived, thus avoiding expensive 2D evaluation and interpolation of the layered Green's function. In this paper, closed-form(More)
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