S. D. Gamini Jayasinghe

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Interfacing converters used in connecting energy storage systems like supercapacitors and battery banks to wind power systems introduce additional cost and power losses. This paper therefore presents a direct integration scheme for supercapacitors used in mitigating short-term power fluctuations in wind power systems. This scheme uses a dual inverter(More)
This work presents a space-time adaptive framework for simulating multi-phase flows through porous media, with specific applications to flows in oil reservoirs. A fully unstructured discretization of space and time is used instead of a conventional time-marching approach. For d-dimensional spatial problems, this requires the generation of (d+1)-dimensional(More)
This paper discusses the suitability of a voltage source converter (VSC)-diode bridge combination as a rectifier in industrial applications. This particular rectifier arrangement consists of a full rated diode bridge rectifier and a partially rated two-level voltage source auxiliary converter. This combination helps achieve power conversion at medium(More)
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