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Main time characteristics of sleep were studied in 9 adult dogs in experiments with 24-hr polygraphic recordings. The all-day sleep quantity (35%), circadian distribution of sleep with the maximum between 24 and 9 hours, more rapid rise of delta-sleep (DS) in the second half of day and of REM sleep in the first hours of night -- all these data suggest that(More)
In studying of dogs behaviour in coordinates system "Requirements and probability of their satisfaction" it has been established that selection of behaviour strategy is closely connected with individual typological properties of animals. In experiments with equally-probable alimentary reinforcement a direct correlation was found between the strength(More)
After single and repeated negative emotiogenic (neuroticizing) influences in phlegmatics and cholerics in a situation with different probability and value of reinforcement a change of behaviour strategy takes place--from the preference of a reinforcement of higher probability but worse quality to that of low probability but valuable. Strategy of behaviour(More)
Under the influence of diazepam in doses of 0.2-2.0 mg/kg in a situation of different probability and value of a reinforcement the dogs--sanguinics and melancholics change their strategy of behavior, from the preference at norm of a reinforcement of the low probability but the better quality to that of the high probability but the worse quality. Under the(More)
During chronic use of seduxen various changes of correlation connections between different parameters of general behaviour are revealed in dogs. The character and degree of expressiveness of these changes depend on the drug dose and typological characteristics of animals. The most general and significant manifestation of favourable effect of the drug action(More)
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