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Hypertension (HTN) is found in about 3-4% of the pediatric population with long-term risks of end organ damage if untreated or poorly controlled. Although children with HTN are being more frequently screened for end organ damage (i.e., LVH), the cognitive effects of HTN and methods to screen for cognitive dysfunction have not been extensively explored. In(More)
  • S. D. Cha
  • 2000
Formal methods are gaining steady industrial acceptance as a promising approach to developing high-quality software. Although educators find it increasingly important to include formal methods in their software engineering curriculum, they face a dilemma: there are too large numbers and diverse flavors of formal methods to cover in a limited time, and(More)
BACKGROUND In order to better understand the educational needs regarding appropriate recognition, diagnosis and management of pediatric hypertension (HTN), we asked practicing pediatricians questions regarding their educational needs and comfort level on this topic. METHODS We conducted 4 focus group sessions that included 27 participants representing(More)
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