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A total of 974 patients with suspected abnormalities of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) were examined; diseases were detected in 371 patients. The test group consisted of 40 patients, control group of 18 patients. Analysis of the results of graphic recording of mandibular movements and clinical x-ray data in patients of the main and control groups helped(More)
Angulometric teleroentgenographic characteristics of teeth were compared for 158 subjects. A computer technology of calculation and assessment of 47 angular (quantitative) parameters characterizing spatial position of the teeth and jaws is proposed. This complex of parameters can be used as an additional test in personal identification.
The SPLEN-K (INZOMA) computing system, based on the mathematical model of a heterogeneous elastic body with linear plastic reinforcement helps estimate the design of coated dentures with due consideration for the individual features of the jaws and teeth, articulation, and occlusion. The open module type of this system permits its modifications and(More)
The article presents the experience of using medical dressings of combined action based on antibiotic Spiramycin and antiseptic Triclosan. Investigation and treatment of 79 patients with moderate chronic periodontitis proved the given drug formulation to be highly clinically effective for local treatment of periodontal disease.
A total of 186 patients aged 40 to 65 with short interalveolar distance were treated. 65.5% of them developed pathological changes in the marginal periodontal tissues (inflammation, periodontal and osseous pouches, resorption of bone tissue of the maxillary alveolar process). Patients with involvement of the marginal periodontal tissue were treated by(More)
A total of 186 patients aged 18 to 69 years with complications caused by metalloceramic dentures fixed on pulp-extracted teeth were studied. Major complications were: gingival retraction--21 teeth (9.81%), inflammation of gingival margins--24 (11.2%), inflammation of mucosa underlying the denture--29 (13.54%), full fracture of dental crown--34 (15.89%),(More)
An experimental and clinical study was carried out on 76 patients with implant-supported restorations in the posterior zones of the lower jaw, divided in two groups (with no signs of bone resorption around the implants and with resorption signs) and one control group. The results of the study allowed optimizing the angulation of dental implants, providing(More)
327 patients with dentures supported by 318 pulpless teeth reinforced by pin constructions were under observation. Main types of complications after pin use were identified. By math simulation the system "covering construction-artificial stump-root pin-root of the tooth" was studied for teeth 11, 13, 15, 16, 41, 43, 45, 46 in two projections--vestibulo-oral(More)