S. Curila

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We propose a method for image enhancement in colour word when a scattering environment reduces the vision. The main advantage of blind technique is that it does not require any a priori information about the scattering environment but supposes that the observed signals are linear mixtures of sources. Here, the natural logarithm of the degraded image(More)
Here, we address the problem of tracking of polyhedral objects in images from traffic scene. The matching of the model is achieved by minimizing the distance between the projected segments of the 3D model and the segments extracted in the 2D image. The success depends on the global optimization of the cost function that quantifies the quality of alignment.(More)
A new numerical method for initial value problems associated to second order functional differential equations is obtained. The method uses the fixed point technique, the trapezoidal quadrature rule, and a Birkhoff interpolation procedure. The convergence of the method is proved without smoothness conditions, the kernel function being only Lipschitzian in(More)
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