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The process of gelation of one of the monosaccharides, alpha-galactose-based gelator, with benzene as a solvent, has been studied. Small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) synchrotron time-resolved measurements were performed throughout the gelation process. The obtained SAXS measurements were elaborated using such methods as the fractal analysis, Fourier(More)
A filtering technique to remove parasitic scattering from X-ray absorption spectra that are acquired in energy-dispersive mode has been developed and tested at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility. The improved set-up removes small-angle scattering of the sample or the windows of sample cells which may spoil the energy resolution or reduce the(More)
Self-supported particle-track-etched polycarbonate membranes with nearly perfect cylindrical pores are used for the preparation of similarly perfect cylindrical polypyrrole nanowires and nanotubes. A complete investigation of the structural properties that result at different stages of the preparation route of polypyrrole nanowires and nanotubes is based on(More)
Polymeric membranes are used in industrial and analytical separation techniques. Typical applications are drying of gases and separation processes in the field of biotechnology. Our aim was to study the dynamic membrane formation processes which have basic influence on structure and properties of the membranes. As model system we chose the spinning of a(More)
Particle track etched polyimide membranes on silicon substrates covered with a native oxide layer are investigated. Preparation steps similar to the common classical particle track etched membrane production, giving rise to free-standing membranes, are successfully applied to the supported membranes. Polyimide films are used as a starting material for a(More)
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