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Precalibration versus 2D-3D registration for 3D guide wire display in endovascular interventions " , in Medical Image Computing and A minimax entropy registration framework for patient setup verification in radiotherapy " , [10] R.A. Brown, " A computerized tomography-computer graphics approach to stereotactic localization " , An assessment of a technique(More)
We set out to validate the concept of three-dimensional (3D) angiography. We evaluated the sensitivity and the quality of morphological analysis mode possible by an experimental system for imaging cerebrovascular disease versus standard digital subtraction angiography (DSA). The system, the 3D Morphometer, is a computerised X-ray angiography unit capable of(More)
The need for medical images which can directly contribute to therapeutic decision making has led to the development of 3D visualization techniques. With this objective, a procedure capable of producing 3D volume reconstructions using isotropic voxels from digitalized 2D films obtained by rotation around the object has been developed: 3D morphometry. The(More)
The aim of the LUMEN cooperation , supported by INFN, is to obtain full experimental characterisation and deep expertise of heavy scintillator for high energy physics. The advantage of this collaboration was mainly in the complementary character of the experimental techniques available in the partner laboratories and in the availability of highly(More)
Using firm-level surveys for up to 73 countries, this paper explores the impact of introducing collateral registries for movable assets on firms' access to bank finance. It compares firms' access to bank finance in seven countries that introduced collateral registries for movable assets against three control groups: firms in all countries that did not(More)
A new concept of stereotactic room based on multimodality images is presented. All images are obtained with standard state-of-the-art X-ray vascular suite and MR 1.5 T imager. Several problems due to the use of digital images obtained in a non-dedicated X-ray angiography room have been solved. Moreover, an innovative software package for surgery planning(More)
As part of French health reform, French physicians were computerised by the end of 1998. A specific Intranet network will be used to communicate medical data between the health professionals. The objectives of the CARDIOMEDIA project were to develop and evaluate the feasibility of a coronary multimedia data record stored on an optical card and communicable(More)
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