S. Courtney Walton

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Renewal of nongermative epithelia is poorly understood. The novel mitogen "lacritin" is apically secreted by several nongermative epithelia. We tested 17 different cell types and discovered that lacritin is preferentially mitogenic or prosecretory for those types that normally contact lacritin during its glandular outward flow. Mitogenesis is dependent on(More)
Article history: Keywords: Self-disclosure Mediated disclosure Communication privacy management Twitter Front/back-stage Followers/followed a b s t r a c t Social media such as microblogs (Twitter™) allow more people to disclose more personal and private information more frequently to more others than ever before. But what is the nature of, and what factors(More)
Adhesion to novel basement membrane component BM180 in the presence of laminin-1 promotes stimulus-secretion coupling in lacrimal acinar cells [G. W. Laurie, J. D. Glass, R. A. Ogle, C. M. Stone, J. R. Sluss, and L. Chen. Am. J. Physiol. 270 (Cell Physiol. 39): C1743-C1750, 1996]. The identity of the active laminin-1 site and the possibility that other(More)
OBJECTIVE AND BACKGROUND Old people in residential care are at the highest risk of any group for hip fracture. This may relate to their high prevalence of hyperparathyroidism. There are few data, however, on relationships with serum parathyroid hormone (PTH) in these individuals. This study therefore examined complex associations with serum PTH in nursing(More)
Modulation of lacrimal acinar cell tear secretion may involve multiple factors acting both in subtle and pronounced ways. Functional screens of recombinant protein products arising from gene array technologies, or protein fractions derived from lacrimal conditioned media or extracellular matrix, will require a highly sensitive assay capable of monitoring(More)
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