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Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) is concerned with the induction of first-order clausal theories. April is a new ILP system that can be classified as an empirical, non-interactive, single predicate learning system. In this report we describe the architecture and implementation details of April together with a description of its features and an explanation(More)
Global Search1 is a web agent which integrates and enhances many well known search techniques in order to improve the quality of information gathered from usual web search engines. It features intelligent merging of relevant documents from different search engines, anticipated adaptive exploration and evaluation of links from the current result set,(More)
A very important component of a parallel system that generates irregular computational patterns is its work distribution strategy. Scheduling strategies for these kinds of systems must be smart enough in order to dynamically balance workload while not incurring a very high overhead. Logic programs running on parallel logic programming systems are examples(More)
Logic programming allows to explore the full potential of parallelism in the programs in a transparent manner. Several systems were developed to explore the implicit parallelism of logic programs. The development of these systems brings some hard problems such as parallel debugging and dynamic distribution of varied sized work among processors. This paper(More)