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During the four-stepped catalytic cycle of water oxidation by photosystem II (PSII) molecular oxygen is released in only one of the four reaction steps whereas the release of four protons is distributed over all steps. In principle, the pattern of proton production could be taken as indicative of the partial reactions with bound water. In thylakoids the(More)
The reduction of tyrosine Y(.)(Z) by benzidine and exogenous Mn(2+) was studied by kinetic EPR experiments in various Photosystem II (PSII) preparations. Using lanthanide treated PSII membranes it was demonstrated that neither the extrinsic polypeptides (17, 23 and 33 kDa) nor the Mn complex block the accessibility of Y(.)(Z) to exogenous reductants, such(More)
Proton NMR spectroscopy at 500 and 361 MHz has been used to characterize the noncovalent or electrostatic complexes of yeast cytochrome c peroxidase (CcP) with horse, tuna, yeast isozyme-1, and yeast isozyme-2 ferricytochromes c and the covalently cross-linked complexes of cytochrome c peroxidase with horse and yeast isozyme-1 ferricytochromes c. Under the(More)
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