S. Cesaratto

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This paper is based on the findings of a survey on technological innovation in the Italian industry. All Italian manufacturing firms were screened in the analysis and, at the end of a screening process, 8,220 of them, which had introduced relevant technological innovations over the period 1981–1985, filled out either a mail questionnaire or were covered(More)
In his ‘Comments’, Tom Michl defends the proposal for a fully funded pension scheme based on a saving-led ‘classical growth model’ against my Keynesian contention that a higher saving supply would be deflationary in both the short run and the long run. Michl adds a further argument that an increase in the saving rate associated with a lower interest rate(More)
This is the latest in our series of Critical Survey articles. The aim of the series is to report on recent developments, to provide an assessment of alternative approaches and to suggest lines of further inquiry. The intention is that the articles should be accessible not only to other academic researchers but also to students and others more practically(More)
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