S. Cavalieri

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In Italy the National Environmental Protection Agency (ANPA) is about to adopt the Drivers-Pressures-States-Impacts-Responses (DPSIR) model introduced by the EC Water Framework Directive (WFD). This paper reassess the current definitions of Indicators in the light of the WFD, proposes the design of modular procedures and computational practices to determine(More)
  • S. Cavalieri
  • 2005
Literature presents many approaches for location detection of a mobile user using IEEE 802.11b wireless communication standard; generally localisation is limited to indoor scenarios, where GPS cannot be used, and is based on pattern matching algorithm. The paper aims to reach two different goals. The first is the proposal of the use of IEEE 802.11b standard(More)
Production Planning and Control (PP&C) has been increasingly becoming a critical activity, since competition in the markets is leveraging on a multitude of factors ranging from product quality, to delivery times and pre-sales and after-sales services. Among PP&C activities, scheduling decisions are the final temporal decision-making phase where plant and(More)
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