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Niobium doped nanofibers elaborated by facile, single-step electrospinning present higher rate capability in electrochemical cycling experiments than non-doped materials. This is attributed to the reduction of Li+ diffusion path lengths and enhanced intimate inter-particle contact, in combination with improved intra-particle conductivity. Niobium doping has(More)
Novel platinum-catalysed, corrosion-resistant, loose-tube-structured electrocatalysts for proton exchange membrane fuel cells have been obtained using single-needle electrospinning associated with a microwave-assisted polyol method. Monodisperse platinum particles supported on Nb-SnO2 demonstrated higher electrochemical stability than conventional Pt/C(More)
LMI, CNRS UMR 5615, Université Lyon 1, 69622 Cedex Villeurbanne, France Department of Chemistry, CICECO, Univer Institut Charles Gerhardt Montpellier, Matériaux pour l'Energie, Université de M France. E-mail: sara.cavaliere@umontpellie Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Institut fü Berlin, Germany. E-mail: nicola.pinna@huFritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck(More)
Crystalline microspheres of Nb-doped TiO(2) with a high specific surface area were synthesized using a templating method exploiting ionic interactions between nascent inorganic components and an ionomer template. The microspheres exhibit a porosity gradient, with a meso-macroporous kernel, and a mesoporous shell. The material has been investigated as(More)
Conductive titania nanofibres supporting Pt nanoparticles were synthesised in a one-pot method based on the electrospinning technique. The dimensions of both the oxide fibres and platinum particles were tuneable, leading to versatile nanomaterials with possible applications as electrodes for energy conversion devices.
The layout of the RPCs, used in the Argo-YBJ experiment to image with a high space-time granularity the atmospheric shower, is described in this paper. The detector has been assembled to provide both digital and analog informations in order to cover a wide particle e front matter r 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. ma.2006.02.136 ing author. Tel.:(More)
Our paper reports on an ongoing experiment aiming to use broadly principles and methods from virtual reality and augmented reality for didactical purposes. The specific field in which these methodologies have been proposed, studied and implemented, at a first stage, is in teaching physics, in particular, kinematics. Key idea is that of providing the(More)
An RPC carpet covering &104m2 (ARGO-YBJ experiment) will be installed in the YangBaJing Laboratory (Tibet, People's Republic of China) at an altitude of 4300 m a.s.l. A test-module of &50m2 has been put in operation in this 0168-9002/00/$ see front matter ( 2000 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved. PII: S 0 1 6 8 9 0 0 2 ( 0 0 ) 0 0 9 7 6 1 LARGE(More)
Nickel is set to play a crucial role to substitute the less-abundant platinum in clean electrochemical energy conversion and storage devices and catalysis. The controlled design of Ni nanomaterials is essential to fine-tune their properties to match these applications. A systematic study of electrospinning and thermal post-treatment parameters has been(More)