S Carter Fox

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Recent environmental changes are having, and are expected to continue to have, significant impacts in the Arctic as elsewhere in the world. Detecting those changes and determining the mechanisms that cause them are far from trivial problems. The use of multiple methods of observation can increase confidence in individual observations, broaden the scope of(More)
Deep understanding of the structure-property relationships of polysaccharide derivatives depends on the ability to control the position of the substituents around the monosaccharide ring and along the chain. Equally important is the ability to analyze position of substitution. Historically, both synthetic control and analysis of regiochemistry have been(More)
Aminated polysaccharides have been extensively investigated for a wide range of biomedical applications. To achieve targeted properties such as solubility and miscibility, it can be beneficial to modify the polysaccharide hydroxyl groups selectively while leaving the amino groups unmodified. This tends to be difficult because of the higher reactivity of(More)
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