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  • S Balakirsky, C Scrapper, S Carpin, M Lewis
  • 2006
Research efforts in urban search and rescue robotics have grown substantially in recent years. Two important robotic competitions (a robot physical league and a high-level infrastructure simulation league) were established in 2001 under the RoboCup umbrella to foster collaboration amongst institutions and to provide benchmark test environments for system(More)
  • S Carpin, T Stoyanov, Y Nevatia, M Lewis, J Wang
  • 2006
— Effective robotic simulation depends on accurate modeling of physics and the environment as well as the robot, itself. This paper describes validation studies examining feature extraction, WaveLan radio performance, and human interaction for the USARSim robotic simulation. All four feature extraction algorithms showed strong correspondences between data(More)
An apoplastic isoperoxidase from zucchini (APRX) was shown to bind strongly to polygalacturonic acid in their Ca(2)+-induced conformation. By homology modeling, we were able to identify a motif of four clustered arginines (positions 117, 262, 268, and 271) that could be responsible for this binding. To verify the role of these arginine residues in the(More)
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