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BACKGROUND We conducted a study to examine the quality and stability of information available from the Internet on four anaesthesia-related topics. METHODS In January 2006, we searched using four key words (porphyria, scleroderma, transfusion risk, and epidural analgesia risk) with five search engines (Google, HotBot, AltaVista, Excite, and Yahoo). We(More)
Block-based motion compensation assumes that all pixels within a block have the same translational motion. That hypothesis, however, results in inaccurate compensation of moving objects’ boundaries. Object-oriented video compression algorithms typically segment each image in regions of uniform motion and estimates the motion of these regions to generate(More)
With the recent rise of interest in multimedia applications, we have witnessed the emergence of more and more video-conferencing systems such as Communique!, the MBONE suite of tools (nv, vic, vat, wb)[1-3], Isabel[4], etc. These applications provide tools for video, audio and text information exchanging in the conference. They also provide a whiteboard for(More)
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