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T-cell hybridomas were obtained after fusion of BW 5147 thymoma and long-term cultured T cells specific for cytochrome c peptide 66-80 derivatized with a 2,4-dinitroaminophenyl (DNAP) group. The resulting hybridomas were selected for their capacity to specifically bind to soluble radiolabeled peptide antigen. One T-cell hybrid was positive for antigen(More)
The efficacy of two inactivated vaccines containing the Apx toxins of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (Hemopig, Biokema, Lausanne, Switzerland and Porcilis App, Intervet, Boxmeer, the Netherlands) was determined. Ten pigs were vaccinated twice with Hemopig and eight pigs with Porcilis App. Ten control animals were injected twice with a saline solution.(More)
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