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We investigate several properties of a translocating homopolymer through a thin pore driven by an external field present inside the pore only using Langevin Dynamics (LD) simulations in three dimensions (3D). Motivated by several recent theoretical and numerical studies that are apparently at odds with each other, we estimate the exponents describing the(More)
We study numerically the phase diagram and the response under a driving force of the phase field crystal model for pinned lattice systems introduced recently for both one- and two-dimensional systems. The model describes the lattice system as a continuous density field in the presence of a periodic pinning potential, allowing for both elastic and plastic(More)
We study the nonlinear driven response and sliding friction behavior of the phase-field-crystal (PFC) model with pinning including both thermal fluctuations and inertial effects. The model provides a continuous description of adsorbed layers on a substrate under the action of an external driving force at finite temperatures, allowing for both elastic and(More)
We study the response of an adsorbed monolayer under a driving force as a model of sliding friction phenomena between two crystalline surfaces with a boundary lubrication layer. Using Langevin-dynamics simulation, we determine the nonlinear response in the direction transverse to a high symmetry direction along which the layer is already sliding. We find(More)
We present a combination of theoretical calculations and experiments for the low-lying vibrational excitations of H and D atoms adsorbed on the Pt(111) surface. The vibrational band states are calculated based on the full three-dimensional adiabatic potential energy surface obtained from first-principles calculations. For coverages less than three quarters(More)
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