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The objective of this study was to examine the effects of follicular cells on the in vitro development of porcine preantral follicles. In Experiment 1, one preantral follicle alone (Trt 1) was cocultured with a follicle of the same size with oocytes (Trt 2) or without oocytes (Trt 3). Preantral follicles cultured alone in vitro for 12 days had greater(More)
Pituitary function was studied before and after surgery in 1 patient who underwent chryohypophysectomy and 5 patients who underwent transsphenoidal excision hypophysectomy for metastatic breast cancer ablation therapy. Changes in serum luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, growth hormone, thyrotropin stimulating hormone, pituitary prolactin(More)
A human skin substitute consisting of human cultured keratinocytes, collagen dermis, and fibrin was evaluated in athymic mice. Eighty athymic mice were divided randomly into four groups. A 1.5x1.5-cm full-thickness wound defect was created on the back of each athymic mouse under anesthesia. These wounds were covered by sheets of cultured epidermal graft(More)
We describe a neural simulator designed for simulating very large scale models of cortical architectures. This simulator, NEXUS, uses coarse-grain parallel computing by distributing computation and data onto multiple conventional workstations connected via a local area network. Coarse-grain parallel computing offers natural advantages in simulating(More)
Freezing of Gait (FOG) is a symptom in Parkinson's Disease (PD) patients that negatively impacts their productivity and quality of life. There is a need for external cues to aid PD patients to overcome this freezing phenomenon. Integrating biofeedback with monitoring devices will improve their self-efficacy in going about their daily activities. This paper(More)
The ability to monitor the gait of Parkinson Disease patients and provide correct biofeedback can help prevent falls, detect freezing; and from social perspective lead to better quality of life. In this work, a wearable wireless gait monitoring/assessment system is developed to assist the PD patients rehabilitation by providing biofeedback, such as voice(More)
BACKGROUND Most acute stroke patients with disabilities do not receive recommended rehabilitation following discharge to the community. Functional and social barriers are common reasons for non-adherence to post-discharge rehabilitation. Home rehabilitation is an alternative to centre-based rehabilitation but is costlier. Tele-rehabilitation is a possible(More)
The techniques of optogenetic stimulation and neural signal recording can be coupled together in order to realize a closed loop neural interface. An improved multifunction system has been presented that is able to generate single or multi-wavelength optical pulses as well as measure evoked neural potentials. The optical stimulator is based on blue (470 nm)(More)
In a crossover study conducted over a six-month period in eight patients with well-characterized premenstrual syndrome, physical and behavioral symptoms were relieved by daily administration of an agonist of gonadotropin-releasing hormone. The reversible "medical ovariectomy" attained with this agonist suggests that it may be an effective and rational(More)