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The most popular and widely applied method for determination of arsenic in ore concentrates is by spectrophotometry of arsenomolybdic acid reduced to molybdenum blue. While applying this method, several authors have developed procedures which varied in the decomposition, separation of arsenic and in the final colour development. Data regarding interference(More)
Higher order panel methods are used to solve the Laplace equation in the presence of complex geometries. These methods are useful when globally accurate velocity or potential fields are desired as in the case of vortex based fluid flow solvers. This paper develops a fast multipole algorithm to compute velocity fields due to higher order, two-dimensional(More)
An extractive atomic-absorption spectrophotometric (AAS) procedure is developed for fast and accurate determination of up to 20 mug/g antimony in lead and zinc concentrates and other smelter products. The procedure involves digestion of the sample with potassium bisulphate and sulphuric acid, addition of hydrazine to reduce all antimony to Sb(III),(More)
Winkler's procedure for the determination of dissolved oxygen has been modified to cope with substantial amounts of oxidizing or reducing substances in the samples. The manganese(III) is treated with an excess of hydroquinone, the unconsumed part of which is then titrated with standard ceric sulphate solution. A blank determination is also carried out, in(More)