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Higher order panel methods are used to solve the Laplace equation in the presence of complex geometries. These methods are useful when globally accurate velocity or potential fields are desired as in the case of vortex based fluid flow solvers. This paper develops a fast multipole algorithm to compute velocity fields due to higher order, two-dimensional(More)
Principles and visions for a new globalism 4. Visions of Regional Economies in a Great Transition World (Rosen and Schweickart) Reinventing economies for the twenty-first century 5. Transforming the Corporation (White) Redesigning the corporation for social purpose 6. Trading into the Future: Rounding the Corner to Sustainable Development (Halle)(More)
1 Sudhir Chella Rajan, crajan@tellus.org All communities are imagined. The 'global community' is no exception to that rule. But imagination turns into a tangible, potent, effective integrating force when aided by socially produced and socially sustained institutions of collective self-identification and self-government, as it was in the case of modern(More)