S. C. R. Meacock

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1. The time course of oedema formation in rats caused by injection of carrageenin into the paw was followed for 5.5 hours. Intact or adrenalectomized rats which had previously been injected with ellagic acid or saliva to reduce considerably the concentration of blood kininogens, or with methysergide to antagonize 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) showed a reduced(More)
Cartilage degeneration was induced in the hind knees of guinea-pigs by surgery. Partial medial meniscectomy induced rapidly progressing lesions whereas the lesions induced by section of the lateral collateral ligament with or without section of the medial collateral ligament developed later and progressed more slowly. In all cases the lesions were first(More)
BACKGROUND Anatomical and cyclical physiological differences exist between right and left ovaries which may affect their function and response to ovulation induction. Although authors have compared right and left ovarian response during IVF for patients with a unilateral diseased or absent ovary, no study has examined the response of normal ovaries to(More)
OBJECTIVES The role of lymphocytes and macrophages in developing adjuvant arthritis induced by an injection of CP20961 in inbred Lewis rats was studied over a 32 day period using a novel biotin-avidin immunoperoxidase histochemical technique. METHODS Fresh frozen sections of hind paws and spleens, as well as lymph nodes draining the site of the injected(More)
Studies of the preferential action of benoxaprofen on the movement of mononuclear leucocytes have been extended to include human cells, and the positive correlation between human and animal findings is discussed. Benoxaprofen also affected the increased response of the hexose monophosphate (HMP) shunt of rat mononuclear cells stimulated by addition of latex(More)
Possible modes of action of the anti-inflammatory drug, benoxaprofen, have been explored. The drug caused inhibition of leucocyte migration, principally of mononuclear cells into the pleural cavity of rats undergoing carrageenan-induced pleurisy. Evidence was obtained from in vitro leucocyte migration and chemotaxis models that the drug acted directly on(More)