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Astroglia play multiple roles in brain function by providing matrix to neurons, secreting neurotrophic factors, maintaining K+ and glutamate homeostasis and thereby controlling synaptic plasticity which undergoes alterations during aging. K+ and glutamate homeostasis is maintained by astrocytes membrane bound inwardly rectifying K+ channel (Kir4.1) and(More)
In this article we address the problem of optimization of VLSI circuits to minimize power consumption while meeting performance goals. We present a method of estimating power consumption of a basic or complex CMOS gate which takes the internal capacitances of the gate into account. This method is used to select an ordering of series-connected transistors(More)
We address the problem of long cycle time associated with the basic method of optimizing VLSI circuits. We are developing a system which makes it possible to carry out arbitrary changes to Register Transfer Level (RTL) source description of the circuit after a gate-level implementation has been synthesized. The system incrementally updates the gate-level(More)
Geospatial technologies play a key role in generating timely and reliable information for planning and decision making at all the levels from macro to micro. Even though it is widely recognized that GIS is a modern technological tool to analyse both spatial and non-spatial data including temporal aspects in a cost-effective and efficacious manner, its(More)