S. C. Patil

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Foreign body inhalation into the tracheobronchial tree can prove to be a life threatening unless timely intervened and appropriate steps are being taken towards its management [1]. A review of 32 cases was done at MP Shah Medical College Jamnagar over a period of 2 years. Children were most susceptible to aspiration of foreign bodies. All the cases were(More)
H Zimmermann,2000 Integrated Silicon Optoelectronics, Springer Series in Photonics. Anisha Goswami, et. al,,Substrate effect dependant scattering parameter extraction of short gatelength IGFET for microwave frequency applications, Microwave And Optical Technology Letters / Vol. 24, No. 5, March 5 2000 Jasprit Singh,' Semiconductor Optoelectronics,(More)
Optoelectronic is one of the thrust areas for the recent research activity. One of the key components of the optoelectronic family is photo detector to be widely used in broadband communication, optical computing, optical transformer, optical control etc. Present paper includes the investigation carried on the basis of the mathematical modeling of(More)
The paper presents a novel approach for detecting intensity modulated optical signal at microwave frequencies using high electron mobility transistor. The semi numerical model is developed using the basic semiconductor device equation. The change in the transconductance is due to the combination of photovoltaic effects in the gate Schottky barrier. The(More)
This paper presents Y parameter analysis for optically gated MOSFET at RF frequency. Simulation is done using MATLAB and analysis for Y parameter is done under dark and illuminated condition for varying optical power. It has been seen that device transconductance is highly influenced by optical illumination even for small optical power. Optical effects are(More)
This is the case study of 16 patients in which postoperatively after complete removal of tumors, the bleeding did not stop with anterior and posterior nasal packing. In all those cases extended anterior nasal pack was applied during the surgery after the complete removal of tumor and bleeding stopped effectively.
INTRODUCTION Epiphora affects approximately 20% neonates, but most resolve spontaneously. Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) is indicated only when conservative management fails. OBJECTIVE To observe clinical presentation, treatment modalities and effectiveness of endoscopic DCR in paediatric population. METHODS It is a prospective study of 21 children done at(More)