S.C. Malik

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Daily urine volumes, plasma creatinine concentrations, and creatinine clearance were measured in 106 patients with unipolar and bipolar affective disorders attending a "lithium" clinic. Urine volumes exceeded 3.51 in only six patients, plasma creatinine concentrations exceeded 150 mumol/1 (1.7 mg/100 ml) in only five, and creatinine clearance was below 50(More)
Psychiatric morbidity was analysed in 5,000 female patients who attended medical OPD from July 1985 to July 1986. The Psychiatric illnesses were found in 932 patients (18.42%). The commonest age to have psychiatric illness was 21-30 years (58.8%), and neuroses constituted the most common psychiatric diagnosis (44.6%). Schizophrenia was the least common(More)
Honorable delegates and guests from India and abroad, fellows and members of the Indian Psychiatric Society and dear friends, I am indeed honored by the trust that you have reposed in me for ha\nng elected me to this highest office of the Indian Psychiatric Society. It is with a great sense of responsibility that I assume charge of this office of the apex(More)
Sixty patients attending gynaecology O. P. D. of Smt. Sucheta Kripalani Hospital complaining of menstrual disturbances were compared with 30 controls, who were the relatives of the patients, on PGI- N2, neuroticism scale and Standardized Psychiatric Interivew Schedule. Psychiatric morbidity was found to be 51.7% and 26.6% in the studied sample and the(More)
Capgras Syndrome was described in the late nineteenth century but its exact pathogenesis is still a source of controversy. Some believe its origin is due to psychodynamic factors whereas others have found the evidence of a generalized or localized brain lesion. We report three cases of Capgras Syndrome occurring in association with frontal lobe lesion.
The study sample consisted of 90 females with nonorganic pelvic pain, selected from Gynecology OPDs of Smt. S.K. Hospital and Swami Dayanand Hospital. Majority of patients were young, married Hindu, illiterate, housewives, belonging to low socioeconomic group and living in nuclear families. Majority of the patients had pain that had lasted between 1 and 5(More)
Sixty patients with chloroquine induced psychiatric complications are reported in the present series. Psychosis was the most common complication followed by anxiety state and seizures. The maximum number of patients were between the ages of 6 and 10 years and females (70.0%) outnumbered the males (30.0%). Headache and sleeplessness were found to be more(More)
One hundred and ten female patients in the age group of 16 to 65 years, attending gynecology out-patient clinic were screened for psychiatric disorders. The psychiatric morbidity among patients attending gynecology clinic was found to be 49 percent, as compared to 26 percent in a sample of general population (control group). This study supports the view,(More)
The Klcinc-Levin Syndrom!' (KLS), a type of periodic hypersomnia, typically occurs in young males presenting with episodes of somnolence, excessive eating and abnormal behaviour. In contrast to other hyperso-mnias, this is a 'long-cycle hypersomnias' with intervals of months of years between episodes (Lishman, 1987). Bonkalo (1968) alludes to Epimenides, a(More)