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Accurate real-time tracking of influenza outbreaks helps public health officials make timely and meaningful decisions that could save lives. We propose an influenza tracking model, ARGO (AutoRegression with GOogle search data), that uses publicly available online search data. In addition to having a rigorous statistical foundation, ARGO outperforms all(More)
The objective of this thesis is to optimise the fragmentation at Boliden Minerals open pit mine Aitik. Blasting is one of the main operations in mining, and its performance has a major impact on the overall economy of the mine. The fragmentation process affects not only the local productivity and unit costs of the mining department. It also affects the(More)
Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease that threatens more than half of the world's population. Despite being endemic to over 100 countries, government-led efforts and mechanisms to timely identify and track the emergence of new infections are still lacking in many affected areas. Multiple methodologies that leverage the use of Internet-based data sources have(More)
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