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We extend our work to perform sensitive, room-temperature optical detection of terahertz (THz) by using nonlinear parametric upconversion. THz radiation at 700 GHz is mixed with pump light at 1,550 nm in a bulk GaAs crystal to generate an idler wave at 1,555.6 nm. The idler is separated, coupled into optical fiber, and detected using a gated Geiger-mode(More)
We describe and demonstrate sensitive room-temperature detection of terahertz (THz) radiation by nonlinearly upconverting terahertz to the near-infrared regime, relying on telecommications components. THz radiation at 700 GHz is mixed with pump light at 1550 nm in a bulk GaAs crystal to generate an idler wave at 1555.6 nm, which is separated and detected by(More)
Soil organic matter (SOM) stability is a prerequisite for long-term C sequestration. The long-term effect of manuring and fertilization on stability of SOM in rice-potato-wheat (R-P-W) and maize-potato-onion (M-P-O) cropping systems was studied in an Inceptisol of semi-arid subtropical India. Soil samples were collected (0-15 and 15-30cm soil depths) from(More)
An exo-reversible two-stage thermoelectric heat pump is thermodynamically optimized in consideration of finite time thermodynamics and multi-objective optimization using non-dominated sorted genetic algorithm (NSGA) approaches. The two stages of thermoelectric heat pump are assumed to be in electrically series configuration and only internal(More)
An irreversible regenerative Brayton cycle is thermodynamically optimized in the view of finite time thermodynamic (FTT) and multi-objective genetic algorithm (MOGA) approaches. Power output and thermal efficiency of the model are considered as dual objective functions. These two objectives for a given model are derivedusing FTT approach. Maximization of(More)
Terahertz is nonlinearly upconverted to telecommunication wavelengths, resulting in detection with 4.5 pW/Hz noise equivalent power and nanosecond temporal resolution. Optical frequencies from an ultrashort pulse mix, generating 3 mW of broadband terahertz. © 2008 Optical Society of America OCIS codes: 040.2235, 190.1900, 190.2620, 190.4410, 190.7220,(More)
Two-stage thermoelectric generator in exo-reversible mode is thermodynamically optimized in view of finite time thermodynamics (FTT) and multi-objective genetic algorithm (MOGA). Electrically series configuration with only internal irreversibilities of thermoelectric generator has been considered for investigation in the current research. Power output and(More)
Solar driven Ericsson heat engine has been considered for multi-objective thermodynamic optimization. Multi-objective genetic algorithm (MOGA) and finite time thermodynamic (FTT) approaches are implemented for optimization of power output and thermal efficiency which are considered as objectives in the study. Simultaneous optimization of power output and(More)
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