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OBJECTIVE Unrecognized stimulant use could lead to the misdiagnosis of schizophrenia or the misunderstanding of its course and prognosis. This study was conducted to determine the prevalence of unrecognized stimulant use among patients with a clinical diagnosis of schizophrenia. METHOD The subjects were 108 schizophrenic patients admitted consecutively to(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about outcomes of community-based treatment programs for adolescents with drug problems. METHODS We studied 1167 adolescents (age range, 11-18 years; 368 females, 799 males) from 4 US cities (Pittsburgh, Pa; Minneapolis, Minn; Chicago, Ill; and Portland, Ore) using a naturalistic, nonexperimental evaluation design. These(More)
Using data collected from cocaine-abusing patients who participated in the Drug Abuse Treatment Outcome Studies (DATOS), we contrasted patients in treatment for the first time and patients having extensive histories of prior treatment to identify factors associated with better outcomes in each group. Compared with first-timers, treatment-experienced(More)
Some studies have found that sex-related HIV risk behavior is less common among drug users in treatment than among users not in treatment; other studies have found no such relationship. However, past studies have not controlled for drug-user background characteristics that might confound the relationship between treatment and risk behavior. Among this(More)
The metabolic disposition of RS-26306, a new potent luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone antagonist, was studied in rats and monkeys after single i.v. and sc administration with the 3H-labeled compound. Plasma pharmacokinetics after iv administration were: CLs = 2.5 ml/min/kg, Vd beta = 0.29 liter/kg, t1/2 = 1.4 hr (rats), and CLs = 0.8 ml/min/kg, Vd beta(More)
Elastofibroma dorsi is a benign fibroproliferative lesion of unknown pathogenesis. It is most commonly found in the periscapular region in elderly women. The majority of patients are asymptomatic. The lesions have a characteristic location and a specific magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) appearance allowing accurate prospective diagnosis. The importance of(More)
The effect of increased mastication on plaque metabolism and salivary gland function was determined in 11 human subjects who chewed a sugarless gum for ten minutes of each waking hour for two weeks. Prior to and at the conclusion of the gum-chewing regimen, unstimulated whole saliva and 2% citric-acid-stimulated parotid saliva were collected. Flow rates,(More)
Drug users who inject drugs while in treatment share needles/syringes less often than users not in treatment. This relationship may reflect treatment processes, such as cognitive or normative change, by which treatment clients are influenced to lower their HIV infection risk. However, reduced needle/syringe sharing among treatment clients may instead be(More)
This paper presents evidence regarding the possibility of a cumulative effect of drug-abuse treatment on reducing risky sexual behavior among individuals entering drug-abuse treatment in the United States from 1991-1993 and participating in the Drug Abuse Treatment Outcome Study (DATOS). Analyses were done of the relationship between lifetime treatment(More)