S. C. Douglas

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This study investigates the relationship between individual differences and the incidence of workplace aggression in a sample of employees from a transportation company and a public school system. Hierarchical multiple regression analysis indicated that measures of trait anger, attribution style, negative affectivity, attitudes toward revenge, self-control,(More)
{In almost all analyses of the least-mean-square (LMS) adaptive lter, it is assumed that the lter coeecients are statistically independent of the input data currently in lter memory, an assumption that is incorrect for shift-input data. In this paper, we present a method for deriving a set of linear update equations that can be used to predict the exact(More)
We have been using a series of computer-based problem sets on the physical pendulum in our third year undergraduate course in classical mechanics for three years. The problem sets investigate the physics of this system in ways not easily accessible without this technology, and explore various algorithms for solving mechanics problems in a Hamiltonian(More)
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