S C Dai

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Motor proteins of the kinesin superfamily transport intracellular cargo along microtubules. Although different kinesin proteins share 30-50% amino-acid identity in their motor catalytic cores, some move to the plus end of microtubules whereas others travel in the opposite direction. Crystal structures of the catalytic cores of conventional kinesin (a(More)
A phosphorylation-initiated mechanism of local protein refolding activates yeast glycogen phosphorylase (GP). Refolding of the phosphorylated amino-terminus was shown to create a hydrophobic cluster that wedges into the subunit interface of the enzyme to trigger activation. The phosphorylated threonine is buried in the allosteric site. The mechanism(More)
PURPOSE To examine the physiological effects of betaxolol, a beta1-adrenergic receptor blocker commonly used in the treatment of glaucoma, on retinal ganglion cells and to evaluate its potential to elicit responses consistent with a neuroprotective agent against ganglion cell degeneration. METHODS Single-unit extracellular recording, electroretinogram(More)
In vitro studies showed deltamethrin (1 x 10(-7)-1 x 10(-4) mol/L) could inhibit 3H-DL-glutamate uptake in rat cerebral cortex and hippocampus synaptosome by 7.2%-21.5% and 10.4%-25.1%, respectively, with a dose-response pattern. But only in high-dose permethrin (1 x 10(-4) mol/L) can significantly reduce 3H-DL-glutamate uptake in rat hippocampus(More)
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