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Motor is key component for portable washing machine. Measurement and examination of DC motor are important issue for ensuring quality of portable washing machine. Automatic measuring and examining can save much time and improve identification accuracy. It is very helpful for keeping high quality of products. In this paper, an automatic measurement and(More)
To study the neuromuscular interactions between succinylcholine (Sch) and esmolol, we determined the dose-response relationship of Sch and the neuromuscular actions of the 3xED90 dose of Sch, both prior to and following esmolol pretreatment. Twenty rats were anaesthetized with urethane. Train-of-four stimulation was applied every 12 s to the sciatic nerve,(More)
Inrush current is an important issue for transformers security and stability. Harmonic effects in power systems have been significantly increasing in the last decade. In this paper, SIN<sup>m</sup>(omegat) waveforms represent non-sinusoidal waveforms because studies on SIN<sup>m</sup>(omegat) waveforms appear to be simpler for more predictable results. A(More)
  • Navin Karanth P, Karthik S. P, +10 authors Richard McDonell
  • 2012
Shafts used in the high lift system (wings of a plane) of an aircraft undergo extreme load conditions during takeoff and landing. Performance of shaft deteriorates along the life span of it. The failure of shaft can lead to a major catastrophe. Therefore, to ensure the safety of passengers, there is a need to develop a test system which can subject(More)
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