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The tunica albuginea in ovaries of sexually mature rabbits is only a few cell layers thick but is much more densely packed with collagen bundles than the broad theca externa of the Graafian follicles. Smooth muscle cells were demonstrated in theca externa around the whole follicle; ultrastructural evidence of smooth muscles in the apical region of theca(More)
In order to study the lung defence mechanisms and the mucociliary transport system scanning electron microscopy was performed on biopsy specimens obtained at bronchoscopy under local anaesthesia. There were great variations in the appearance of the cilitated epithelium from the large bronchi in 40 patients with bronchial carcinoma, sarcoidosis, silicosis,(More)
Introduction: A hallmark of sepsis is early onset microvascular dysfunction. However, the mechanism responsible for maldistribution of capillary blood flow is not understood. Evidence suggests red blood cells (RBC) can sense local oxygen (O2) conditions and signal the vasculature, via adenosine triphosphate (ATP), to increase capillary flow. We hypothesized(More)
Unfortunately, the original version of this supplement [1] contained errors in two of the abstracts; P037 and P127. Please see details below. In P037, the image presented as Figure eight is incorrect. The correct figure is shown below (Fig. 1). In P127, the author list presented is incorrect. The correct author list is as below. R Iqbal; Y Alhamdi; N(More)
Destruction of the elastic tissue is probably an acquired lesion and is decisive for the appearance of cerebral arterial aneurysms at the sites of congenital media defects. The elastic component in the mouths of aneurysms has therefore been studied by electron microscopy, using two new staining methods, i.e. ruthenium-red staining and prolonged(More)
Vaginal biopsies were obtained in 5 healthy women every third day during the menstrual cycle. The specimens were examined with morphometric technique and the mean nuclear size was correlated to values of estradiol and progesterone and caryopycnotic index. Cyclical changes of the histological appearance of the epithelium could be demonstrated. During(More)
In the present investigation the ultrastructure of isolated rabbit ovaries, perfused with different media for various time periods, was studied. The steroid hormone production by the perfused ovary was also determined. Perfusion with Medium 199 results in prominent interstitial ovarian oedema which increases with perfusion time. Even after the addition of(More)
Plasma glucose and insulin levels were measured in genetically diabetic (subline L) hamsters from 2 1/2 weeks to over 1 year of age. This nonobese subline is known for subnormal pancreatic insulin release. Hyperglycemia was seen from 4 weeks onward. A short period of hyperinsulinemia was seen at 6 weeks of age, after which plasma insulin levels were not(More)
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