S C Blankespoor

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We have developed a prototype imaging system that can perform simultaneous x-ray transmission CT and SPECT phantom studies. This system employs a 23-element high-purity-germanium detector array. The detector array is coupled to a collimator with septa angled toward the focal spot of an x-ray tube. During image acquisition, the x-ray fan beam and the(More)
The prototype imaging system developed can perform simultaneous X-ray transmission CT (computed tomography) and SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) studies of phantoms and small animals. This system uses a small linear detector array which consists of a single high-purity-germanium crystal segmented by ion-implantation into 23 2-mm elements.(More)
A class of temperature-sensitive (ts) mutants of T4 lysozyme with reduced activity at 30 degrees C and no activity at 43 degrees C has been selected. These mutants, designated "tight" ts mutants, differ from most other T4 lysozyme mutants that are active at 43 degrees C, but only manifest their ts lesion by a reduced halo size around phage plaques after(More)
UNLABELLED We evaluated a novel combined x-ray CT and SPECT medical imaging system for quantitative in vivo measurements of 99mTc-sestamibi uptake in an animal model of myocardial perfusion. METHODS Correlated emission-transmission myocardial images were obtained from 7- to 10-kg pigs. The x-ray CT image was used to generate an object-specific attenuation(More)
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