S. C. Atul

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New multimedia applications e.g. teleconferencing, video-on-demand, Internet telephony, etc. are revolutionizing every aspect of our life. These applications demand real-time performance, better digital signal processing, elaborate multimedia communication protocols, and faster networks and platforms. Traditionally the embedded software to support(More)
The application of martensitic stainless steel in gas turbine blades, bushings, valves and mine ladder rungs requires wear and corrosion resistant surfaces. The process of boronizing can produce extremely hard and wear resistant surfaces for such components. The study depicts the application of Taguchi based desirability analysis for parameter design in the(More)
  • Akshay M Malviya, S Atul, Joshi, M E Student
  • 2014
—Medical image analysis is an important bio-medical application Radiologists use medical images to diagnose diseases precisely. However, identification of brain tumor from medical images is still a critical and complicated job for a radiologist. Brain tumor identification from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) consists of several stages. Segmentation is(More)
This study investigated how spine support affects sleep in healthy subjects, finding that the relationship between bedding and sleep quality is affected by individual anthropometry and sleep posture. In particular, results indicate that a sagging sleep system negatively affects sleep quality for people sleeping in a prone or lateral posture.
This research consist of a novel field programmable gate array (FPGA) based reconfigurable coprocessor board being used to evaluate hardware architecture for speedup of matrix computation using high speed field programmable array. This paper have been developed using a mathematics of array (MOA) and are optimal in the sense they reduce normal complexity of(More)
Network friendly media security refers to the security technologies that are specifically designed to cope with existing and future multimedia networking infrastructures and technologies so as to ease the deployment and maintain or improve the quality of service performance of multimedia applications. It is especially useful for streaming and mobile(More)
  • Ashish D Kadam, S Atul, Padalkar, Avadhoot V Wale
  • 2012
––At the turn of the century, annual fluorocarbon refrigerant emissions from mobile and unitary airconditioning equipments is likely to pass 100,000 metric tonnes, corresponding to a global warming impact of more than 150 million metric tonnes of CO 2. Even larger indirect CO 2 emissions result from the generation of power to drive the systems. With its use(More)
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