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Serum concentrations of CA-15.3, tissue polypeptide antigen (TPA) and mucinous-like carcinoma-associated antigen (MCA) were measured in 327 women: 81 controls, 93 patients with benign breast disease, 46 patients recently diagnosed with breast cancer and 107 patients during breast cancer follow-up. CA-15.3 was elevated in 16% of the controls, in 29% of the(More)
A 33-year old Arabian man presented with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura that did not respond to steroid treatment or splenectomy. A routine liver scan performed after splenectomy showed a large mass in the liver. Four years later, massive gastrointestinal bleeding led to an emergency laparotomy, which revealed well-differentiated lymphocytic lymphoma(More)
During the period 1979-80, 20 patients with morbid obesity underwent a gastric bypass procedure in our department. The selected patients were under 50 years old and were overweight by 45 kg or more. Previously, all the patients had unsuccessfully followed prolonged dietary regimes, some had tried dental splinting, and one had undergone three unsuccessful(More)
Staging of rectal carcinoma is essential for its management. 23 patients with rectal lesions were examined by endorectal ultrasonography. Of these 19 had rectal carcinoma and in 4 there was an abscess of the rectal wall, previously diagnosed by sigmoidoscopic biopsy. 10 of those with carcinoma were examined by computerized tomography as well, and 10 were(More)
The post-thrombotic syndrome is a complex disease to whose development at least three factors contribute: (1) incompetence of the venous valvular system; (2) opening of the local arteriovenous shunts; and (3) disturbances in the lymphatic system. Our surgical treatment considers all three factors by providing: (1) stripping of the saphenous veins; (2) wide(More)
Obstructing carcinoma of the left side of the colon causes proximal distension of the colon with subsequent thinning of the colonic wall and vascular impairment. Conventional surgical treatment is multi-staged. Each stage carries its own morbidity and mortality. An alternate treatment, extended right hemicolectomy, requires a single surgical procedure.(More)