S. Bromage

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Syndesmotic stability in ankle fractures is usually assessed intraoperatively by pulling on the fibula with a bone hook in the coronal plane ("Hook Test"). Our clinical observations have suggested that instability may be more marked in the sagittal plane. Our aim was to compare movement at the tibio-fibular syndesmosis in the sagittal and coronal planes(More)
When a brass instrument is played loudly, the energy level of the higher harmonics increases dramatically. The generally accepted explanation for this is non-linear steepening of the wavefront and generation of shock waves within the instrument bore. However, it has also been suggested that changes in the player's lip vibration could play a role in(More)
When playing a brass instrument the lips of the player fulfil a similar role to the cane reeds of woodwind instruments. The nature of the motion of this lip-reed determines the flow of air through the lips, between the player's mouth and the instrument. It is a complicated feedback system in which the motion of the lips controls the air flow, which itself(More)
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